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With just six months to go until the election, it’s crunch time.

Today is the very first fundraising deadline of our State House campaign!

With just six months to go until the election, it's crunch time. We need to raise every dollar we can to scale up our campaign and get our message out to voters before election day.

Will you chip in $6 before tonight's deadline to help us get the message out to voters about our campaign? Every single dollar will help us get out the vote ahead of election day. I'm running to represent my community and bring the values of hard work, honesty and decency to the North Carolina House. For far too long, professional politicians like Mark Pless have been doing the bidding of out of state special interests, rather than putting their own constituents – that's you and me – first.

Not me. No way. Never.

I got into this race because I want to help people in my community. It's as basic as that. I know what it's like to struggle to make ends meet and put food on the table and pay the bills. I've been there. But please know, you can sure as hell count on me to have your back.

But right now, I need your help so our campaign can make it over the finish line. Will you chip in $6 for our very first fundraising deadline?

With strong 💪💪 grassroots support, I know we can win this race together!

Josh Remillard

Posted on April 30, 2022.