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What Madison Cawthorn means when he says “America First”

For a guy who says "America First" more often than he says "How are you?" Madison Cawthorn doesn't seem all that interested in actually helping Americans.

One week ago, Cawthorn voted "no" on the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which will:

  • Fund critical road and bridge repair;
  • Upgrade mass transit and rail;
  • Expand broadband access – including to rural areas like western North Carolina;
  • Stabilize and modernize power and water systems, and more.

In other words, if the bill were a person, they'd be standing on top of the Capitol yelling "America First!" through a bullhorn.

When I'm in Congress, you can bet I'll do everything I can to support any measure that will help our community. Chip in now and let's get it done!

Cawthorn's "America First" BS isn't about building a better America – if it was, he'd seize the opportunity to improve our lives when he can. It's about showing to the radical right wing that he's willing to hate the same people they do.

Western North Carolina needs a representative who understands that western North Carolina is in America, and that the people who live here are Americans, and who is willing to fight for us – not spit empty slogans and spread hate.

Cawthorn's raising huge piles of cash from the extremists he's dog whistling, and he's not going to leave without a fight. Let's make sure we're ready. Chip in $15 now!

Let's go,


Posted on November 12, 2021.