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Unfortunately, this nonsense is important.

Hypocrisy is dangerous.

Madison Cawthorn constantly shoots his mouth off about putting America first, all the while batting his eyes at the QAnon conspiracists who have attacked our country once and are openly fantasizing about doing it again.

To him, it's some kind of game. Those of us on the ground know it's not – Cawthorn's lies have consequences.

We must defeat Madison Cawthorn and elect an actual community-first leader in his place. Donate today.

There is no room for conspiracy theorists in Congress.

The moon landing? It happened.

Elvis didn't "go home."

Trump isn't magically going to be "reinstated."

And – I can't believe I even have to say this – there isn't a cult of cannibalistic pedophiles operating nationwide.

Unfortunately, this nonsense is important. Here's why:

  1. These lies have real-world consequences. Cawthorn rode them to Congress, and in the early days of 2021 –after he was sworn in to office – he actually cooperated with deluded insurrectionists to organize a violent riot that some had hoped would turn into a Civil War.

  2. The lies show exactly how much outright contempt Madison Cawthorn has for the people he's supposed to be supporting. At a time when many folks in our communities are struggling to find jobs and make ends meet, Cawthorn is actively encouraging people to believe divisive, moronic gibberish.

I am running because I intend to defeat Madison Cawthorn and bring back honest and committed representation for our entire community to Congress. Please donate today and let's kick the conspiracies out of Congress in 2022.


Posted on November 23, 2021.