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This movement’s not letting Madison Cawthorn off that easily

My grandma used to tell me, "I don't want you starting any fights. But if you get into one, you damned well better finish it."

She said that a lot. And I took it to heart.

When Madison Cawthorn got on that stage on January 6th and sent that pack of rioters to attack our country, we started building the movement to finish the fight he started.

Now he's scared of the people he betrayed, so he's sneaking away from his race in North Carolina's 14th District to the 13th, where he thinks no one will stand up to him.

Our next step is clear:

We're taking this fight to the 13th District, and I'd be honored if you joined us.

Chip in now to step up this fight and show Madison Cawthorn what he's up against.

Cawthorn is a traitor, a fraud, and a coward, and he's a disgrace to the country I fought for and my friends died for. He can't escape that, no matter how far away he goes.

Let's be clear: He doesn't belong in Congress because of who he is, not where he is.

He can't hide from the consequences of his actions on January 6th.

He can't hide from his record of having voted "no" on every bill that would have helped our state.

He can't hide his history of fear-mongering, ignorance, cruelty, and lies.

And he can't hide from our people-powered movement to defeat him.

Beating Cawthorn in NC-13 is going to take all of us standing together; we'll need to build a bigger, stronger, smarter campaign. That means a lot of folks on the ground, making phone calls, knocking on doors, combating disinformation and lies, and making sure we have the resources to get the truth out.

It'll be a lot of hard work, but if there's one thing we know about this movement, it's that we're not afraid of anything.

Are you with us? Contribute $12 now to fuel this movement

Madison Cawthorn started this fight. We're going to finish it.

Let's go,


Posted on November 15, 2021.