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They paid $0

Each year, millions of Americans either sit down with their accountant or self-file their taxes. Most of the folks I know were working on their taxes until they were due.

You know what hit me as we worked through this process?

For most of us, Tax Day is a time to realize our obligation to this country, and either pay up or earn a refund. But for billionaires and corporations, Tax Day is a time to skirt their obligations and still come out ahead.

Some companies even pay less than zero-percent in taxes.

That's because corporations and their CEOs have access to all kinds of loopholes and deductions that you and I will never get. And they have expensive lobbyists in every state capital, trying to rig the system in their favor even more.

When companies pay less than zero dollars in taxes, that means we the people are actually paying them. They're not just avoiding taxes, but picking our pocket at the same time.

The end result? A system that works for the very few, at the expense of everyone else.

I'm going to say something that's somehow still a controversial statement: It shouldn't work this way.

These corporations get away with tax avoidance because politicians back them up. Far-right politicians for years have created a fictional narrative that it's okay for their wealthy donors to not pay taxes. Now anybody who wants corporations to pay their fair share is slapped with all kinds of labels. I've got news for these politicians: their bill has come due.

It was a Republican who said that taxes are the price we pay for civilization. Taxes pay for our schools and roads. Taxes fund our cops and firefighters. And taxes afford us a military to protect our nation. The richest corporations and their CEOs benefit from those services. I'll fight to make sure they have to pay for them too.

Let's go,


Posted on April 21, 2022.