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They banned our video!

We knew Madison Cawthorn would spend January 6 trying to downplay the violence he encouraged last year. So, we put together a video to make sure that people saw the truth about what happened that day: a mob of radicals, amped up on lies from Cawthorn and his cronies, stormed our Capitol, tried to kill the officers guarding it, and attempted to overthrow our country.

Here's where it gets weird. Facebook wouldn't let us run our new video because the video contained "representation of Militarized Social Movements." Take a look:

Let that sink in.

Now, we'll leave it up to Facebook to set their own guidelines. But, we'll share two quick thoughts:

  1. If Madison Cawthorn is too dangerous for Facebook, he's definitely too dangerous for Congress.

  2. No one likes watching the carnage of January 6. It's horrible. And that's exactly why we need to watch it. It's a reminder of how dangerous Cawthorn and his pals are.

If Facebook wants to prevent Madison Cawthorn from kicking off another insurrection, then they should shut down lies, not those of us combating them.

We're working around the clock to get the truth out. Meanwhile, Madison Cawthorn is raising millions of dollars to keep spreading the Big Lie.

We're not going to let this stop us. Can you chip in now to make sure everyone in North Carolina hears our message?

Let's go,

Team Remillard

Posted on January 9, 2022.