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The vow we made.

Joining the Army was one of the most consequential decisions I've ever made – if not the most consequential.

Until then, I'd bounced around from job to job, doing what I could to help my community, but without the discipline and focus to really step up in the way I wanted to.

The Army changed all that. Before I joined, I thought I knew what courage was. I thought I knew about commitment, about principle, about community. Maybe I understood something, but the eight years I spent in the Army opened my eyes to what real service looks like.

I served with patriots. We were blown up, shot at, had mortar shells rained on us, had bounties on our heads for being American soldiers. Many of us didn't make it home.

That's a debt our country can never repay, but I vowed to try – every single day.

When I signed on, I took an oath to protect America against enemies both foreign and domestic, and I took that oath for life, not just for my time in the Army.

And right now, some of the gravest dangers to our democracy are sitting in Congress.

Two of the worst offenders are Madison Cawthorn and Kevin McCarthy. This Veterans Day, can you split a donation between my campaign and my fellow Veteran Bruno Amato to defeat these insurrectionist caucus members?

Kevin McCarthy has no principles at all; he'll say or do anything to impress right wing donors and Donald Trump.

Madison Cawthorn seems to think his job is getting famous by inciting a Civil War.

When it comes down to it veterans can't count on Cawthorn for anything. He talks a big game, but has let us down again and again:

He's voted against legislation that would create thousands of good paying jobs.

He's held up funding for critical services that would have helped veterans and our families.

And he encouraged thousands of violent insurrectionists to attack our country.

The clearest way to tell veterans you don't care about us is to attack America.

These two talk about service, but they don't know what it means to serve. They're more worried about getting a spot on Fox News and pleasing the QAnon crowd to actually get something done to help our Veterans.

My fellow vets deserve better than having to drive hours to enter a hospital. You shouldn't have a months-long wait to see mental health providers. You put your lives on the line to defend this great country, and while that means nothing to frauds like Madison Cawthorn, it means everything to me.

Brothers and sisters-in-arms, I've always got your six. Your service is an unpayable debt, but when I'm in Congress I'll strive every day to do right by you.

We need more Veterans in Congress, so this Veterans Day, can you help two servicemembers unseat far-right Republicans who have repeatedly broken their oath of office?

Let's go,


Posted on November 11, 2021.