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The difference between me and Mark Pless

If you wanted to know what an assault on democracy looks like, then look no further than Mark Pless's bill to turn local nonpartisan elections in Haywood County into partisan mud-slinging fights.

While the nation reels from radical right-wing attacks on truth and democracy, Mark Pless is making things worse by quietly trying to tear our community apart and hijacking democracy in our backyards.

For his own nefarious reasons, Pless decided that he doesn't like our community's long standing tradition of voting for the candidate, not the party. Voters who put their party aside and judge each candidate on their merits scare politicians like Mark Pless.

So, without consulting any local officials about what our community wants, he tried to sneak a bill through that would turn our nonpartisan local elections in Haywood County into partisan races without the consent of our community.

In other words, if he gets his way, every elected official from school board members to mayors would be a part of the partisan Pless Machine.

I don't know what gave Mark Pless the idea that North Carolinians want more partisanship, but I do know we can't let it happen.

Allowing partisan local elections will only divide our community, not unite us. This is not what Haywood wants, and this type of misrepresentation is not what Haywood deserves.

You know me, and you know what our movement's about. We need unambiguous defenders of fair, open elections now more than ever. I knew our democracy was in trouble when I saw violent insurrectionists attack the Capitol – egged on by right-wing extremists determined to seize power at all costs. Mark Pless's attempt to corrupt local elections is just another attempt to turn public service into a cesspool of toxic partisan lies.

Somewhere along the line, Mark Pless forgot that elections are about the people, not the party. Donate $4 now, and let's show Mark Pless that democracy is worth fighting for.


Posted on July 1, 2022.