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Taking down the Insurrectionist Caucus

If I asked you to think of some of the worst Republicans in Congress, Kevin McCarthy, Madison Cawthorn, and Jim Jordan would certainly be near the top.

This year, they will all have something else in common: They're going to lose their seats to veterans. Will you make sure that happens by contributing to our campaigns now?

Meet the veterans taking on the Insurrectionist Caucus

Jim Jordan was one of Donald Trump's favorite mouthpieces in Congress.

Kevin McCarthy is the ringmaster of the world's most polluted and dishonest circus.

Madison Cawthorn is proof that the next generation of GOP leaders is going to be just as bad—if not worse—than what we already have.

And all three show more loyalty to a failed ex-president than to working families.

We all want to see these guys lose in 2022, and today, I'm asking you to split a donation between my campaign and the campaigns of Bruno Amato and Jeff Sites – two other veterans fighting to rebuild our country by defeating leaders of the Insurrectionist Caucus.

Can you split a donation between our three campaigns today and help us send Kevin McCarthy, Madison Cawthorn, and Jim Jordan packing?

Like me, Bruno and Jeff love this country and have the record of service to show it.

Like me, they're proud to say that our oath to defend the Constitution is a lifelong commitment.

And just like me, they're facing a crucial fundraising deadline tonight, so we're joining forces to show the Insurrectionist Caucus the strength of our nationwide movement. Every grassroots contribution will go toward our work to shut down the radical QANON right, bring working people's voices back to Congress, and start solving the problems that the Insurrectionists use as political footballs.

And we're going to win.

Chip in today to help three veterans unseat do-nothing Republicans and bring true leadership back to Washington.

Let's go,


Posted on September 30, 2021.