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“Supporting our schools” is controversial now?

I believe in education. In Congress, I'll work to make sure our schools are fully funded, college and vocational training programs are more accessible and affordable for those who want them, and that our teachers are supported and respected.

Quality education for every child makes our country better for everyone. Those schools prepare our kids with the skills they need to become the doctors and nurses who keep us healthy, the workers who build our homes and communities, the neighbors who look out for one another, the farmers who grow our food.

Western North Carolinians deserve representatives who value our schools and who'll fight for them every day.

Here's who we've got now:

Madison Cawthorn on Twitter, Oct 14: I think it’s time for parents to start pulling their children out of public schools.

This isn't what someone says when they're committed to our communities. This is what someone says when he wants to get interviewed on OAN.

This campaign isn't about chasing cameras or cheap applause lines or kudos from anti-vaxxers; it's about fighting for our community in Congress.

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Let's go,


Posted on October 21, 2021.