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Sign the petition to demand Congress expel Madison Cawthorn.

We've been talking a lot about how we're going to defeat radical QANON Congressman Madison Cawthorn in 2022.

But let's be clear: He should be gone even before the next election. In just a few months on the job, he's shown that he's just too dangerous to serve out his term.

Every minute Cawthorn spends in Congress is a threat to our country and to fellow Americans. Sign the petition to demand Congress expel Madison Cawthorn.

Right now, North Carolinians are fighting for access to quality, affordable health care for all people, for good jobs and living wages, and a quality education for every student – no matter where they live.

But not our Congressman. Instead of working for the people, he's tearing our communities apart to make headlines and kiss up to Donald Trump.

That's it. Get famous. That's what Cawthorn thinks his job is.

And Madison has decided that he'll get famous by putting Carolinians in danger:

  • Threatening bloodshed.
  • Bringing weapons to schools.
  • Railing against vaccines and masks.
  • Sneaking guns onto airplanes. This isn't just bad behavior. It's a pattern of assault and violence against our families and neighbors.

Cawthorn isn't going to stop on his own. That's where we come in.

Add your name and tell the House of Representatives: We can't wait. Expel Madison Cawthorn now.

Cawthorn is a traitor, a fraud, and a coward; for the sake of our Constitution and our families, Congress has to step up and shut him down.

Team Remillard

Posted on September 22, 2021.