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Organize now, win big in November

Today is the official launch of our summer organizing efforts. Will you chip in $3 now to be a founding donor of our summer organizing fund?

So much is on the line this election, from cutting health care costs to fully funding our public schools. Even democracy itself is at stake. And my radical far-right opponent, Mark Pless, just doesn't have what it takes to represent our district. His views are too extreme. And he doesn't have the leadership skills or work ethic required to do the job.

That's why we're pulling out all the stops in this campaign, and making sure every single voter hears our message. We're running a grassroots campaign the likes of which North Carolina has never before seen. It's why we need you to donate $3 now in support of our massive organizing effort.

What we do today sets us up for success down the stretch. The game plan is simple: assemble a large grassroots army ASAP so we can get out the vote when mail-in ballots start going out in September. To that end, we need pro-democracy fighters like you to show up now. Please, contribute $3 now to jump-start our campaign.

Let's go!


Posted on June 1, 2022.