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Opioids. We need solutions, not political noise from Mark Pless

Rep. Mark Pless hasn't done enough to help Western North Carolina fight through the opioid crisis, just like he hasn't done nearly enough on issue after issue.

This Republican negligence is a plague across the country, starting in Washington D.C. and trickling down to legislatures far and wide.

As your state Representative, I will be a voice for effective solutions, not political noise.

Can you chip in $7 right now? Let's sprint all the way to November.

Meaghan, I've heard first hand from police chiefs in Haywood County just how dire the situation on the ground is. First responders are seeing a revolving door of struggling addicts flowing through emergency rooms. And while Attorney General Josh Stein has won a key lawsuit against bad actors in the pharmaceutical industry, other policymakers in the state are slow to come up with solutions to the opioid crisis.

Then there's MAGA Republicans like Mark Pless, who has been standing in the way of progress. Pless, a purported proponent of police, has even gone so far as to berate law enforcement for their perceived ineffectiveness. It's time to show Mark Pless and his MAGA pals the door, starting on the grassroots level right here and working all the way up to the highest offices in the land.

Your support for this campaign fights the opioid crisis. It fights climate change. It fights for democracy. It supports our friends and neighbors that need jobs that pay fair wages. Your support is everything in our progressive struggle for America's future.

Let's get it done.


Posted on June 24, 2022.