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One year from now, I want us to say something

It's been one year since we defeated Donald Trump. And, when I think of all that went wrong over his four years as president, we couldn't have been one day later.

That was a year ago. And we're still hearing Trump's lies every day from his hand-picked puppet Madison Cawthorn.

One year from now? I want our country speeding toward the next big chapter in American history, when we grow a progressive, people-first majority in 2022—including winning right here in North Carolina – leaving Trump and his groupies in the rearview mirror.

Chip in now, and let's get it done.

Climate change is back on the table. And, as someone whose community is vulnerable, it's about time. In Congress, I'll be part of solving one of our greatest crises.

We're debating actual infrastructure and family-first priorities, not just handing the ultra-wealthy a pile of tax breaks they don't deserve. I'm running to keep up that conversation.

And we've delivered badly-needed relief for millions of working families struggling through the pandemic. Because our community here needs someone who will look out for them.

One year from now, I want us to be getting ready to send a terrific team to Washington D.C.

But that's only going to be possible if our movement has the resources to take on Madison Cawthorn and the shady extremists who are pouring millions into getting him elected.

Please chip in $5. This year's going to be intense and go by fast. We need to be ready for anything that comes.


Posted on November 3, 2021.