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No #!@*&% way.

This isn't complicated. My opponent, state Rep. Mark Pless, has shown us over and over that he's unfit to serve the people of western North Carolina (and it's why I'm running to defeat him).

Chip in now to the grassroots campaign for the leadership this community deserves.

We need to be clear about what that means for our friends and neighbors.

→ Mark Pless is a typical political climber, looking out for himself first. He was initially elected to serve the people of Haywood County, but quit halfway through his term because he saw an opportunity to run for higher office.

→ He wants to make it harder for you to vote. Pless thinks that fewer people voting is good for his career, so he supports extreme voter ID laws that undermine our democratic rights.

→ In spite of all that's stacked against our working families, Pless does not support ensuring access to affordable health care and opposes efforts to ensure a fair day's pay for a fair day's work.

→ And finally, there's Pless's troubling history of disrespecting people, getting into online spats, and countless accusations of him abusing his authority as a state representative.

I wouldn't want to see a record like this from any elected official in America. But here? In my community?

No damn way.

I'm running for the North Carolina House to be a new, clear voice for everyday families, someone who will put a focus back on the community and on smart policies.

Enough politicians. Enough scandals. Let's get to work and make lives better for everyday Americans. Who's with me?


Posted on May 15, 2022.