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Madison’s latest threat

Madison Cawthorn has said and done so many grotesque things that I'm hardly surprised anymore by how depraved he gets. But this one, this one really caught me off guard.

Right now some North Carolinians are trying to hold Madison Cawthorn accountable in court for his role inciting the January 6 insurrection. Madison is threatening violence if their efforts succeed. See for yourself:

Rawstory Headline: 'This is only going to lead to one place...'

Madison's own words are "This is only going to lead to one place if you want to try and take the right of the people away to be able to vote for their elected official... This is going down a very dangerous path."

Madison Cawthorn has no business being in Congress if this is how he responds to being held accountable for his actions. We aren't going to accept his behavior any more. Donate $3 today to join us in holding Madison Cawthorn accountable.

His defense of violent insurrectionists has only gotten more brazen. He continues to shun his responsibilities to the people of North Carolina. And he lies constantly. Madison Cawthorn isn't going to change. He's only going to get worse.

North Carolinians deserve better than someone whose worst days are yet to come. Chip in $3 now – I'll work hard every day to be the Congressman that North Carolinians can be proud of.

Let's go,


Posted on February 15, 2022.