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Madison’s game

Part of my job is reading and watching news. I watch a few different channels and I read a few different papers. I get the news from just about every perspective out there.

And you know what? No matter the source, they all do the same thing.

They all talk about politics like a game of egos – of heroes and villains.

Check out this headline:

Biden needs an enemy

Joe Biden doesn't need an enemy, and neither does our democracy.

We've got an enemy: the radical right and authoritarianism That's the fight we're in.

Chip in now to make sure we win this fight!

Our government isn't The Legend of Zelda. We don't need Big Bads and Mini-Bosses to show us the stakes.

More importantly, if we spend our time focused on individuals, we're missing the larger point – that there's a movement in this country to overthrow democracy and install right-wing authoritarian rule.

Defeating Madison Cawthorn is just a first step; when I'm in Congress, I'll be fighting for the essential measures that protect our democracy:

  • Passing Voting Rights Legislation
  • Protecting the January 6 Investigation
  • Taking on disinformation and making sure North Carolinians have actual facts, not extremist lies

America deserves people in Congress who focus not only on governing, but on protecting our government for the people, by the people. We deserve a Congressman focused on delivering results for our district instead of dividing our country. We deserve better than Madison's game.

Donate $17 today to show Madison Cawthorn and the political establishment that we aren't playing games any more.

Let's go,


Posted on January 26, 2022.