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Madison Cawthorn’s war on schools

First, Madison Cawthorn brought a knife onto school grounds.

Now, he's trying to prevent schools from protecting our kids from COVID-19.

Madison Cawthorn's political showboating has already gotten people killed. Now he's doubling down on it. Chip in $3 to defend our families and kick him out of Congress!

My girls are two and three years old, so I take parenting very seriously.

I may slip up from time to time and have to put a quarter into the swear jar, but I'd do anything to keep them safe. So when Cawthorn puts them in harm's way just to score points with the QANON crowd, you can bet I'm going to step up our efforts to beat him.

It's just one more reason we've got to get this dangerous coward out of Congress. We've got a huge fundraising deadline coming up in three days. Chip in now to show Cawthorn the power of our movement!

Children make up one-third of COVID infections in North Carolina. It is not only critical that our schools have COVID protocols in place, it's just common sense.

But Madison Cawthorn? He's fighting against the scientifically-proven safety measures that'll keep our families healthy. It's like he wants us to lose the war against the pandemic.

As your Congressman, I will always fight to protect North Carolinians and our schools. We deserve a representative who will always have our backs – not a reckless QANON puppet who'll say whatever Donald Trump tells him.

We're only going to defeat Madison Cawthorn if we stand together! Chip in $3 today and let's kick him out of Congress!

Josh Remillard

Posted on September 27, 2021.