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Madison Cawthorn is running scared.

Madison Cawthorn wants to be seen as a tough man, in the mold of Donald Trump.

Let's look at his record:

Madison Cawthorn is so tough that he has been credibly accused of sexually harassing women while he was in college, allegations backed up by dozens of people.

So tough that he tried to bring a gun on an airplane, and brought a knife to a school board meeting (after they were banned).

So tough that he gave advice and support to people planning the January 6 riot.

Tough. Sure, Madison. You're a big man.

... I actually think it's the other thing, however. He's scared.

Madison Cawthorn is scared of being held accountable for his record. That's why he won't hold town halls.

So scared of losing power that he calls for a holy war (!). (Look it up. He actually did.)

And so scared of the grassroots movement to beat him in 2022 that he actually left his district to run somewhere else.

Well, we've got news for you, Madison: we're not going anywhere. Our movement is committing to ensuring that you are defeated in 2022, because Western North Carolina deserves so much better.

Donate $3 right now. Donate to defeat Madison Cawthorn in 2022.


Posted on February 9, 2022.