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Light the πŸ”₯πŸ”₯​​ for two fighters taking on the Insurrectionist Caucus

In 2020, the radical right elected some of the most hateful, dishonest, and dangerous Congresspeople in generations – not conservatives, but extremists who worship Donald Trump, and who will tear apart our country to prove their loyalty to him.

But even compared to the rest of the hateful Trump cult, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Madison Cawthorn stand out for their ignorance and their total contempt for the people they're supposed to serve.

Both Greene and Cawthorne must go in 2022. And that's why I'm joining my friend Marcus Flowers, who is running against Greene, in a joint grassroots campaign to win big next year. Will you make a split contribution to our campaigns to defeat the Insurrectionist Caucus?

Join Josh and Marcus!

Like me, Marcus is a veteran who's devoted his life to serving our country. Like me, he believes in our nation's core principles and constitution.

And like me, he knows that we can't afford traitors like Green and Cawthorn in Congress.

Cawthorn and Greene hadn't even been in office for a full week before they betrayed our country on January 6, siding with the traitorous mob that beat law enforcement officers and stormed the Capitol calling for blood.

The attacks on our Capital cost lives and shook our democracy to its core. Marcus and I put our lives on the line for that democracy, and we lost friends in the fight against people who would destroy it. We didn't back down then, and we're sure as hell not backing down now.

In 2022, we want our races to be the turning of the tide, where our grassroots movement comes together and kicks out each and every member of Congress who helped enable the January 6 riot.

Marcus in Georgia. And me here in North Carolina. We can and will make a difference, but only with your support. Chip in now to bring honor back to the Capitol.

Let's go,


Posted on October 30, 2021.