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Let's stick to the facts.

They're not going to come to their senses.

It's been nearly a year since the January 6 attack on our country. With every damning fact that comes out about that day, the right-wing extremists in Congress and the media double down on their loyalty to Donald Trump's ego over the safety of the United States.

Madison Cawthorn is staking his re-election on people believing his lies, and he's got piles of special interest cash to broadcast them. It's up to our grassroots movement to drown them out with the truth. Chip in now to make sure we can knock on every door and call every voter in the district to get the facts out.

The facts:

This week, the country learned that on January 5, Mark Meadows texted allies in Congress about needing the National Guard to "protect pro-Trump people."

The following day, as the mob broke windows, looted the Capitol building, threatened to murder government officials, and attacked police officers, lawmakers and friends pleaded with Meadows to intervene.

It's not clear if Meadows did anything at all to stop the violence, and he refuses to testify or explain himself.

Last night, the House of Representatives voted to hold Meadows in contempt of Congress for ignoring a subpoena.

Madison Cawthorn voted to let Meadows (his family friend and the guy who gave Madison his first job in politics) off the hook, then retweeted:

Mark Meadows is a great American.

It sure looks to us like Trump, Meadows, Cawthorn, and company planned a violent coup of the US government.

We have to stop the cult of the radical right. Again and again, they've chosen the people who attacked our country over the people who love it.

Our movement can defeat Madison Cawthorn and the insurrectionist caucus, if we can get the facts in front of Carolinians in 2022. Please donate now to make sure every voter knows the truth about Cawthorn's loyalties.

Team Remillard

Posted on December 15, 2021.