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It's just none of their business

The news that the Supreme Court is about to overturn Roe v. Wade was a gut check to all of us. This backwards-looking and callous move by the Supreme Court is a reminder that our constitutional rights are hanging by a thread.

The mission for far-right judicial activists to regulate women's bodies is a clear government overreach and obstruction of women's constitutional rights.

The government has no business forcing women to have children. If right wing extremists are so hellbent on forcing women to endure pregnancies and childbirth, then they should be glad to start co-parenting. I'm tired of deadbeat dads in the making who think they have any right to make this difficult choice for the women of America.

If the radical right was truly concerned with the sanctity of life, then childbirth and postnatal care wouldn't cost a dime. Parents would have paid time off to care for their newborn children. And new families would never have to choose between food and diapers.

A woman's choice to seek and have an abortion should be made between the pregnant woman, her doctor, and her God. Nobody else should ever be involved in her decision-making process.

That's what I'll fight for in Raleigh, and I will not rest until reproductive rights are protected in North Carolina.

Let's go,


Posted on May 9, 2022.