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I’m not bothered that he’s sleazy; I’m furious that he’s dangerous.

In the Army we're taught about the true meaning of brotherhood and that honor is found in telling the truth, keeping your word and living your values.

On the battlefield, having honor isn't a question of being a good guy or getting a pat on the head. When you're surrounded by people who want you dead, there's no room for breaking promises or hiding the truth. Your honor is the difference between keeping your friends alive and getting them killed.

So when I see Madison Cawthorn lying every day about life and death – spreading disinformation about masks and vaccines, attacking science, covering for Trump and his insurrectionists – it shows me just how little he values the people he represents.

I talk about honor and character in this race because Cawthorn's lack of these qualities hurts our families. I'm not bothered that Cawthorn is sleazy; I'm furious that he doesn't care about keeping the folks in our community alive. His dishonesty is literally a fatal flaw for the rest of us.

When I get to Washington, I'll be a rookie in Congress, and I'll possibly make a few mistakes (and when I do, I'll apologize and self-correct) but you can be sure that I will keep my word and always tell the truth – even when it's not pretty – because I understand that lives depend on it.

Let's go,


Posted on October 28, 2021.