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I never thought much about Constitution Day. Until today.

Today's Constitution Day.

I'll be honest with you: Constitution Day isn't something I thought much about until recently. Before a couple of years ago, I thought of the Constitution like the sun: pleasant, important, and something that would stick around until long after I'm gone. So I paid as much attention to "Constitution Day" as I would "Sunshine Day."

I shouldn't have let my guard down – none of us should have – because our Constitution is in real danger. From coast to coast, the radical right is doing everything they can to undermine democracy and dissolve the rule of law.

Just this week:

On Tuesday, we watched sore losers in California waste millions of taxpayer dollars on a failed recall, just to have another chance to whine about our elections.

And tomorrow, a mob of right-wing extremists will swarm the Capitol because they believe lies are facts and traitors are heroes. They'll do everything they can to tear apart the principles of our Constitution. Last time they came, they trashed the seat of our democracy, attacked law enforcement, and left five dead. Apparently, that wasn't enough.

Whether as a soldier, a wilderness firefighter, a Congressional candidate, I serve my country because I believe in our Constitution and the democracy it created – regardless of what candidate or political party wins an election.

Our Constitution needs our support more than ever. That's one of the (many) reasons we need to get Madison Cawthorn out of Congress, and it's why thousands of people are joining this movement.

Happy Constitution Day. I'm honored to share it with you.


Posted on September 17, 2021.