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Even my girls know this

Recently, there's been a whole lot of pushback in the news about people mocking Madison Cawthorn's disability – as there should be. Even my girls know not to make fun of people's differences, and they still eat mac and cheese with their hands.

Make no mistake about it (part 1): Madison Cawthorn is a threat to our democracy. It has nothing to do with his wheelchair, and everything to do with the hatred he spews every single day – the bigotry, the lies, the extremism, the ignorance, the bigotry, and the repeated calls for people to attack the country I risked my life to defend and my friends died for.

That's why we're building a grassroots movement of thousands to defeat him, and why we're growing every day.

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Here's the worst thing about Madison Cawthorn: he's taking up too much of this conversation. We're already seeing people losing sight of the issues as they look for ways to own Madison on social media.

That's not the point.

Make no mistake (part 2): This campaign will go at Madison Cawthorn. Hard. I expect that's pretty clear by now but rest assured, we'll stick to the substance.

This isn't a schoolyard slap fight. Our work isn't teaching Madison a lesson or shaming him into apologizing.

Make no mistake (part 3): The goal of this movement is to elect a representative who will serve with honor and fight for the people of western North Carolina. Cawthorn is just the biggest obstacle between us and that goal.

Here's the best part:

Make no mistake (part 4): By sticking together and getting our message out, we're going to win this fight.

Contribute $19 now so we can get the word out in every corner of this district.

In solidarity,


Posted on October 27, 2021.