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Did you see what NC Republicans said about Madison Cawthorn?

Check out what a bunch of North Carolina Republicans are saying right now about Madison Cawthorn:

Madison Cawthorn is a callow and appallingly ignorant young man who regularly embarrasses conservatives and Republicans, whether they admit it or not.

Or this one:

He’s an embarrassment that we need to defeat.

And my favorite:

He’s barely even a lawmaker. He just plays one on TV.

All of those quotes are real, from prominent North Carolina Republicans, about my opponent.

This race isn't about political parties. It's about choosing integrity over dishonesty, service over selfishness, and patriotism over treason.

It sounds simple because it is simple. We just need to get the word out.

December's year-end fundraising deadline's the biggest one yet. We need your grassroots support immediately to continue building on our major momentum to defeat Madison Cawthorn in 2022.

We can and must absolutely do this.


Posted on December 21, 2021.