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Defeating MAGA extremists in western North Carolina

Last week's hearing of the Jan. 6 Committee brought me right back to watching the treasonous attacks in real time last year.

I remember my disgust when I saw Madison Cawthorn – who claimed to represent our community – spewing lies and calling for an insurrection against the nation I love and have fought and bled for during my military service. His actions that day sparked our movement to defend our democracy from the radical right-wing MAGA mob hell-bent on civil war.

Since then, thousands of grassroots activists like you have joined us. Donate now and help us grow every day.

And we're strong. We've already made sure that Cawthorn won't be returning to Congress. However, the hearings have made it clear we've still got a lot more to do, not just in the halls of Congress, but in governor's offices, state legislatures, city councils, even school boards.

That's why I'm so committed to defeating MAGA extremists like Mark Pless, and providing better representation for North Carolina as someone who respects this country and the people we serve. Can you chip in now and help stop the MAGA extremists right here in Western North Carolina?

As the hearings continue, new revelations will only make the stakes of races like mine even clearer. I'm proud to say that this movement has never lost sight of those stakes, and we never will.


Posted on June 20, 2022.