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Check out our new video

I'm so excited and proud to share our new video with you. In just two minutes (and change), it explains why thousands of North Carolinians have joined together to take back the people's seat – our seat – in Congress.

Check it out:

Madison Cawthorn wants this election to be about patriotism. That's fine with me.

Because I know what patriotism is: love of this country – its land, its principles, and its people. And it's about working hard to protect them. That's why I joined the Army.

I took an oath to protect our nation, our democracy, and our Constitution from all threats foreign and domestic.

Madison Cawthorn is one of those threats. And this campaign is part of that oath. And it's why we made this video.

The radical right is trying to destroy our democracy. Our grassroots movement is stepping up to defend it. And together, we're going to win.


Posted on September 14, 2021.