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BREAKING: New maps at the Supreme Court

The North Carolina Supreme Court recently ruled that the congressional redistricting map that gave the Republicans an 11-3 edge was an "unlawful partisan gerrymander".

Now, they are considering a new map that would set up a showdown between me and Madison Cawthorn in a district that Donald Trump won by only 0.5%.

That's right. We're about to be drawn into a toss-up district with Madison Cawthorn.

It's not official yet, but I'm telling you: We are in this fight. And we are going to win.

But do that, I need every single grassroots activist in North Carolina and across the country pitching in.

I'm establishing an Emergency Grassroots Organizing Fund to help us take the fight to Madison. Will you chip in $3 right now to fuel the fight?

Madison Cawthorn is an embarrassment to North Carolina and a danger to America. But he's got Donald Trump on his side, and lots of corporate special interest donors.

I'm counting you, to help us build our grassroots organizing program to win this by knocking on one door at a time, talking to voters. Will you rush a donation of $3 or more right now to help us meet our $10,000 weekend goal?

Let's roll!


Posted on February 19, 2022.