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Another huge endorsement!

Big news from the campaign trail: Josh was just recognized and endorsed by No Dem Left Behind!

No Dem Left Behind is committed to getting Democrats elected in rural America. No Dem Left Behind knows how to fight back against all of the disinformation that the right wing puts out to elect people like Madison Cawthorn in rural districts.

What comes next is the biggest part yet: we need small-dollar donations to build our campaign team, so we can fight and win all the way to and through Election Day.

Please make a small-dollar donation right now and kick things into high gear.

No Dem Left Behind Endorses Josh Remillard

We think former West Virginia state senator and No Dem Left Behind national spokesperson Richard Ojeda put it best: “Josh is the real deal! A combat vet that knows what service is about. We need this man in Congress.”

The only way we're going to hold onto Congress and stop the radical right from dragging us backward is by fighting hard and winning everywhere. And let's face it: Democrats don't always pay enough attention to rural districts.

But that's why we're in this fight: none of us must be left behind.

Progressive groups like No Dem Left Behind get that. Team Remillard gets it. And the truth is that rural Carolinians know it, too, because so much is on the line, from national issues like fixing our broken health care system to rebuilding an economy that's working for everyone, to the day-to-day solutions our rural communities need:

  • Supporting family farms
  • Protecting water rights,
  • Expanding access to reliable high-speed broadband,
  • Holding Big Pharma profiteers accountable for flooding our states with opioids,
  • Making sure our local infrastructure can withstand climate change.

We just picked up a fierce ally in these and other critical fights. Let's take the next step: chip in now to keep up the momentum.

Let's go.

Team Remillard

Posted on October 26, 2021.