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A traitor or a patriot?

We're gaining momentum in our campaign to unseat Madison Cawthorn. Contribute $15 today to keep us going!

Josh got into this race because he sees how big a threat Madison Cawthorn is to our democracy. Madison led an insurrection against the country during his first week in Congress.

Come November, voters will have a clear choice: A traitor or a true patriot?

Chip in $15 to kick Madison Cawthorn out of Congress.

2022 is the year we say yes to democracy. We're going to spend the next nine months hammering Madison Cawthorn for doing nothing more in Congress than creating chaos and inciting insurrection.

Now Madison's the darling of special interests and Trump supporters who are opening their wallets to keep this traitor in office.

Donate $15 today to fight back against Madison Cawthorn and his insurrectionist pals.

Let's go,

Parker Hovis
Team Remillard

Posted on February 17, 2022.