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A check ☑️ on North Carolina Republicans

I've got exciting news:

If we Democrats flip just one seat in the North Carolina House this year, we'll have enough seats to protect Governor Roy Cooper's veto and be a strong check on Republican overreach.

And if we Democrats flip two seats, we'll gain the majority and be able to fight for what North Carolinians deserve.

We're so close to taking North Carolina from the radical right. Donate $3 today to be a part of it!

For years Republicans in the state legislature have stalled Governor Cooper's agenda since before he even took office. Now Republicans in the state legislature have used their veto-proof majority to pass bills that seek to limit voter-participation in state elections.

That's just plain wrong. North Carolinians deserve a legislature that works to include people.

My district sits at the frontlines of our campaign to flip a handful of state House seats and put an end to Republican obstructionism. With your help, our campaign will build a coalition that unites North Carolinians of all stripes and gets the state legislature back to work. Chip in $3 now and join our movement.

Let's go,


Posted on April 29, 2022.