Education is a right. All children have the right to education. More importantly though, a good quality education which reaches all children is a necessity. If we want to keep crime down, it’s a necessity. If we want to reduce racism, it’s a necessity. If we want to compete in American markets and international markets, it’s a necessity. Having an economically thriving and empathic society demands of us to begin at our roots. To grow the strongest tree, you have to have healthy roots.

Recommit to Public Schools

Funding for school choice programs have increased by 146 percent between 2013 and 2018, while spending for public schools only increased by 17 percent during the same time period. As a result, North Carolina is now ranked among the lowest in the country regarding expenditures both for per-pupil and teacher pay. Public schools offer what charter schools do not, universal education to children from all walks of life, not just a hand selected few. A community is made better when All children receive a top-quality education. District 117’s future is made brighter when we recommit to public schools.

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