Democrat Breakfast, Farm to City Fest & Suicide Awareness

This weekend was jam packed with a lot of community activities.
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To be this busy is a fantastic thing. It means that there is a lot to do in District 117 and that there are people with whom I can help. I started Saturday morning off eating breakfast at the Henderson County Democratic Party Headquarters’ monthly breakfast. There, I spoke with some old friends and new faces about education, health care, and the gerrymander.

Regarding education, we looked at our Republican leadership’s failed experiment; taking a public school away from local school district control and handing it over to an outside privatized source. Our children deserve better and our democracy demands it.

Additionally, we took to task our Republican leadership’s refusal of the Medicaid Expansion. Accepting the money, which we are entitled, not only gives more Western North Carolinians access to premium healthcare, but it’s first and secondary job creation will grow our local economy.

Finally, I turned my focus towards corruption in its purest form, the gerrymander. It is possible that one could argue with the planks of my platform, insisting that they are only trying to do what is best for their community. However, no excuse, whatsoever, can be made for silencing the voters voice in determining what they think to be the best path forward for their community. I raised my right hand when I joined the army to support and defend the constitution. It’s an ethos which all of us who joined lived by. I will continue to do so by fighting for fair districts.

Afterwards, I made my way over to Jackson Park and met with the community in celebrating Farm Day; an event which focuses on both the importance of agriculture and of our beautiful natural resources. I had the great pleasure of talking to the representatives from the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Senior Dems, and Henderson County Dems booths, not to mention all of the wonderful people who stopped at each booth to discuss various issues.

I capped off the weekend with my family at Carrier Park in Asheville. We participated in the Out of the Darkness walk which was put on by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Having lost a close friend to drug overdose in his fight with the terrors of PTSD, this walk was important to us. It was very humbling to listen to other’s stories of loss. The aim of this walk was to unveil the taboo so that people no longer feel as if they must bottle up their struggles. Instead, those who have experienced loss and those who may be considering this final alternative should know that there are resources out there that can help them and who care. There are people who have experienced the same things they have. There are people who want to, and are working towards, helping to ease the mental anguish many of us feel. No one should feel alone and that is why I support this cause.


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